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Choose Site Section: College Basketball Recruiting // Junior Basketball. Even successful careers in basketball can usually be traced in zigs and zags, bouncing off contextual factors and natural limitations. Conley runs a tight ship as it is, keeping his team’s offense in rhythm and their turnovers way, way down. DraftExpress already has him listed as the No. They just don’t provide the best return, which puts distance between DeRozan and those who create easier, cleaner, higher-value looks. There are also self-evident advantages in leaning on a big, shot-swatting center to make the most of a basic script. We know going into next season that George isn’t set up to be his best self. But mostly, consider it a hedge against the fact that the concerns surrounding Leonard don’t really apply to our top player at all. To an offense, he’s a first-class initiator, roll man, cutter, and second-chance opportunist. Any defender who could credibly guard the best forwards in the league is valuable on those merits alone. A player's prospects beyond the 2019-20 season do not factor into our ranking process. These 50 players were selected through a vote by a panel of media members, former players and coaches, and current and former general managers. If you’re looking for a big who can punish switching defenses, then check out the way Favors turns a short roll into an impromptu post-up. It all starts with his shooting, and a form that’s as smooth as they come from lift to release. All of this leaves Valančiūnas as something of a niche player, albeit the kind that can make room for 19.9 PPG and 10.7 RPG from the comfort of that niche. Every instance in which you can see him thinking through a possession is a terrifying hint that this can all get faster and cleaner and better. In a first-round loss to the Rockets, Ingles was stifled into five of the worst games of his career. So Love took his time, as he should, played below his standard as he worked his way back, and still made the Cavs dramatically better when he was on the floor. Staring down a defender in a one-on-one situation at the top of the floor has become, in this specific instance, a perfectly viable system. There are clear limits. If you have a megawatt playmaker like LeBron James on the roster, Love fills one role. Still they demand consideration in finding McCollum the best fit possible. What could it mean if a power forward could apply that same pressure? Ibaka played largely the same role for the same team he had previously, though with the benefit of more support—and the ease of reduced pressure. Making his first move more quickly might help a somewhat stiff creator get the space he needs. If a potential offensive rebound ricochets into open space, opponents might not even be able to pursue it because chasing Siakam in transition takes a higher priority. No matter the system, the roster, or the opponent’s coverage, there’s only so much that can stand in the way of a scorer with counters upon counters. Not often are they actually that conducive to winning basketball games, which is the foremost criterion in the making of this list. Yet teams like the Nuggets make those changes because staying in front of White is more challenging than it might seem. A breakout candidate from the 2018-19 season finally gets his shot. To be honest, his jumper comes and goes. Even if we account for the fact that volume three-point shooting is a distinctly modern art form, that at the very least makes Hield a virtuoso among his peers. Other bigs could relieve Ibaka on his rougher nights. Yet on balance, he helps his teammates along without ever threatening to disrupt the natural order. There’s just a different burden of proof where stardom is concerned, and that’s the category where he’ll soon find himself. For Walker, that could be as simple as hesitating in the space behind the screen, forcing more conservative defenses into a gut check. Considering that offensive rebounding tends to fade with age, it’s a bit striking that Andre Drummond has been the best offensive rebounder in four of the past six seasons—including the last. He didn’t seem to care about defense so much as the appearance of defense, or rebounding so much as the tabulation of rebounds. If he doesn’t have enough shooting around him (as has periodically been the case in Philadelphia, particularly among reserve lineups), then his efficiency sinks. At number 10 in this list of Top 10 Handsome NBA Players 2020, we have Wesley Matthews.He was born on October 14, in the year of 1986, and is an American professional basketball player who plays for the Indiana Pacers of the National Basketball Association. On defense, that manifests in a steal rate that’s rare among bigs. Those that stay down will still give Williams too much room for his sidestep jumper, a marvel of creation and a precursor to James Harden’s even more extreme stepback. Yet when taken in total, it’s the kind of stuff that holds a team together. After years of settling for pull-up jumpers, one of the league’s most dazzling athletes came back from an ACL tear and made it a point to drive. When he sets out with a live dribble, Kuzma might have an idea of where he wants to go or what move he wants to use, but there’s no fixed course. It can all seem a bit random or insignificant in the moment. The Sixers needed Butler—perhaps more than they knew at the time they traded for him. Even when it’s frustrating, Towns will have to get comfortable with imposing himself more as a scorer. Each of those competitive settings demands a wildly different skill set. There’s also a penalty in the fact that James disregarded one side of the ball for the bulk of last season. The closest that Portland has come to offering a timetable for his return was through general manager Neil Olshey, who noted during a telecast of the Las Vegas Summer League that Nurkić “won’t be back until February, maybe”—a loose forewarning that the Blazers’ best option at center could miss half of the regular season. October 29, 2020 When Westbrook tried to defer to Paul George, he wound up settling for shots he shouldn’t. The scope of his game works as a stress test for opposing bigs. And somewhere in all of this, we have to account for the reality that James played at least some role in the dissolution of his team and the alienation of the people who were his teammates. Sure, Ingram can put up points if you feature him within the offense. There are stars who can do even a bit more or work even more efficiently, but nothing about the way Beal operates would leave his team wanting. Butler pulled the pin anyway. A ranking like this one assumes that Hayward, another year removed from devastating injury, will more closely resemble his better basketball self. Scoring is an obvious, irrefutable good. What team doesn’t run pick-and-roll? By virtue of having an enormous playmaker running the offense and pushing the break, certain parts of the game will be made easy. Once or twice a game, Jaren Jackson Jr. will do something on the court that is genuinely alarming for a player of his size (6’11”). Smart’s attempts obviously come much easier. The breathing room should serve him well. There are a number of veterans that will still be some of the hardest players to beat in the “near” future, but the drop-off that comes with age is inevitable. For a player flagged for a questionable jumper coming into the league and a well below-average shooter in year one, to suddenly hit threes at a 37% clip feels like it could be too good to be true. He can do more with less (it’s easier, for instance, to play more limited point guards when Griffin can share in the creative burden), but also more with more; imagine how lean Griffin’s game could be if his circumstances didn’t require him to do quite so much. The timeline just feels more rushed with Towns because his actual skills are so far ahead of the curve. P.J. There was a moment in time when Robert Covington looked like one of the best defensive players in the league. We know how incredible Iguodala was for Golden State—not just in play, but intellectually and spiritually. With all the technical rules by its side, this game is one of the most popularly played games in the whole wide world. Giannis himself averaged 27.7 PPG in the regular season and 25.5 PPG in the playoffs, both to sterling efficiency. Check and check. Luka Garza, Iowa: The Hawkeyes' Garza is the only player selected to one of last season's CBS Sports All-America teams who returned to college … And the reason it works is because Williams, unlike other aspirational gunners, has the firepower to change the course of a playoff series—just like he did in last year’s first-round bout with the Warriors. Try to stop him and you just might learn something. It’s just not easy to work with people like Irving. Who will be the NBA’s best players in the 2019-20 season? The 2020/21 NBA season has begun and many sports fans are buying up rookie cards of the top current & retired players as a sound long term investment. That requires not only three-point shooting (like you’d get from Lowry, a 37% long-range shooter for his career) but a sense of when and how to move. Get Exposure / F150 Report GET SOCIAL: Rankings. It would be perfectly fair to take Leonard at face value. Already he has an All-Defense selection under his belt for the way he devoured opposing ball-handlers. Hopefully the new direction of his game can help to soften the impact of a long NBA season. The most incredible thing about the way Vucevic played last year is how little can be traced to any exterior cause. Last season was a mild renaissance for Serge Ibaka at age 29, who found the verve in his game after a few sleepy years for the Magic and Raptors. We saw last season what Middleton can do in a simple, streamlined role: make a career-high 179 three-pointers (on 38% shooting), give a superstar all the room he needs to work, and carry second-unit lineups in need of his shot-making. He was more efficient working from the post (on far lighter usage) than Joel Embiid and Nikola Jokić. Adding one more counter makes every other move stronger. This is an interesting time for Otto Porter, who just turned 26 years old and is finally starting to show some creative flourish. Vucevic didn’t join a new team or take on a new role. Ross is a creative, 6’7” wing who shot 38% from three last season and competes defensively. There are limits to how far Gordon can push his usage, but the underlying skill set is sound and reliable. Or maybe Leonard will find, in that day-to-day flow, just as many occasions to rest his body. Did you wonder if he was up for the rigors of postseason play? The only real downsides with Walker can be pegged to his size. Yet Harris, by virtue of being seven years younger, is still learning the nuances of all he can do on offense and what he must do to survive on defense. Attempts to push past him wind up taking the ball-handler well off their intended path. Irving’s talent is just overwhelming enough to make you believe he could be worth it. At number 7 in this list of best basketball players of 2020, we have James Harden. There are obvious stylistic limitations to playing the way Allen does; some were on display in the Nets’ first-round loss. It’s a matter of usage vs. ubiquity. Some aspects of Bledsoe’s game (namely his defense and physicality) translate brilliantly to postseason basketball. No one would soon confuse Favors with a superstar. If DeRozan scores well but his opponents score more efficiently, he’ll lose. The version of Young we’ll see in action in the coming season will probably play a smarter, more polished brand of basketball by some incremental measure. At almost 35 years old, it doesn’t make sense for James to try to be the best player in the world every night. Ricky Rubio has played eight seasons in the NBA, and still his shot has yet to come around. Expect him to make a big move in the Top 100 of 2021, one way or another. And for the first time in the list's history, there's a new No. Adams, who might be the strongest player in the NBA, uses his might to work the angles and shut opponents out. NBA 2020: Predicting The 8 Best And 7 Worst Players Four Years From Now. Now defensively, he does a very solid job on the ball and doesn’t take any chances. Some can just show up and quietly go to work. (Does Russell Westbrook average a triple-double for three straight seasons without Adams clearing a runway to the glass?) Other games in this list are soccer, cricket, golf, and baseball. When the game gets tight in crunch time, you can rely on Butler’s well-rounded game to turn up a decent look. Camps. Those shots are not only inefficient, but static; defenders aren’t forced into uncomfortable situations when a ball-handler comes around a screen in predictable fashion and hoists up a tough shot, which means that the actual power of the sequence goes wasted. Russell certainly has the shooting profile of a star, seeing as he attempted more shots per game last season than Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. Capacity is its own kind of skill. Please feel free to look back to’s Top 100 Players of 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 and 2014. Everything about Stephen Curry is suited for collaboration. How does one rank a talented, resilient player on his way back from a major knee injury? The former has spent the past few seasons pushing on the edges of his game, in large part because his circumstances demand it. While playing on a surgically repaired foot last season, Love still posted a rebound rate that would have ranked in the top five. Marcus Smart makes his debut in the SI Top 100 after his most impressive season to date—and his first in which he managed to shoot better than 40% from the field. Leonard is an amazing two-way player, great in the very ways that the playoffs demand. Besides, he is a two-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year, having won the title in 2015 and 2016. Picking up on the opposing team’s action more quickly makes the best defensive player in basketball seem even faster. His dazzling creative talents were on full display. Tracking him seems like a full-time job. Other shooting bigs are easily negated by smaller, more athletic defenders. The dynamic is just different for star scorers who bring the ball up and call their own number. There’s potential for Kristaps Porzingis, who by the time of the Mavericks’ season opener will have gone 624 days without playing in a regular season game, to completely blindside this ranking. Of course, with it comes the aches and pains of relying on a 33-year-old with almost 30,000 minutes played over the course of his career. Explore. There’s only so much a playmaking guard can really accomplish when he shoots just 31% from beyond the arc. Which isn’t to say that James isn’t a great player, or won’t be this season. Antetokounmpo doesn’t yet have a jumper he can trust, but because he can handle the ball and read the floor, he can captain one of the most prolific three-point-shooting offenses anyway. Guarding on the perimeter has become a rather delicate business; not only are defenders put at a clear disadvantage by the current rules, but they’re also forced to recalibrate their approach whenever league officials issue a new point of emphasis. Most low-usage wings are less skilled than he is, and thus marginalized accordingly. If only it could all be so simple. After years of minding his role, Jordan tried his hand as a playmaker. If his team needed an intermediary, Middleton could help connect the dots of the offense from the middle of the floor. The stardom of a player like D'Angelo Russell is very much in the eye of the beholder. The catalyst behind Spencer Dinwiddie’s success is his genuinely excellent isolation game, which is loaded with quirks to keep defenders from anticipating where he’ll go next. Walker spent the first half of his career letting defenses off the hook by stepping into long, difficult twos. There are better point guards. His long-range game was a point of historical concern. The guards behind Holiday on this list might share similar strengths, but lack his size, his poise, his versatility, or his defense. Yet in doing so, he upended the Pelicans’ entire season. ... LeBron And The Top 100 Players Of The 2019-2020 NBA Season. Everything about Horford is complementary. Some fairly advanced maneuvers found their way into his game early in his second season, providing exciting new means for a player who was already too quick for many opponents. Antetokounmpo is the reigning MVP and by far the best player on a team on pace to post one of the best records in league history. His give-a-shit quotient is just off the charts. Perhaps we should have known better when the Celtics were downplaying things from the start, insisting even before the season that Hayward’s first year back from a fractured leg and dislocated ankle would be a deliberate process. As for the actual basketball: any player who can score when given the opportunity holds a certain baseline value. For starters, he would be able to score but not insistent upon it, striking the delicate balance that holds the attention of an opposing defense. There’s not a fear factor with Beverley so much as an awareness of all the trouble he’ll cause. Where others would panic, he waits, dancing with his defender as he tracks the rest of the action. Working his handle could help Porter get to new spots and create more often for his teammates. There’s nothing quite like the dejection of a defense once it realizes that nothing can be done to combat one of Lou’s hot streaks. Yet even production like his can only count for so much when achieved through blunt, straight-line creation and spacey defense to offset. Even a slight lean in the wrong direction can strand Mitchell’s opponent before his move is ever made. But what worked for the Raptors might not work for many other teams; not every roster is equipped to handle its best player bouncing in and out of the lineup, much less for that same player to miss significant time in the aggregate. Some players simply understand their limitations enough to know when to step aside. All Rights Reserved. As of now, Booker’s only real sin is that his game isn’t quite as complete as the NBA’s best players. It was based on brief research and the current statuses of the athletes. For as much as LeVert can still learn about the delicate work of running a team, the capacity to do so—a rare quality—is there. 90 last season, a placement that was inarguably, invariably wrong. Even after an all-time playoff run, a championship win over the Warriors, and a Finals MVP, the conversation around Kawhi Leonard still comes back to load management. Houston can offer that—and, to varying degrees, so can the dozen or so teams with better perimeter shooting than Oklahoma City has had. Even though Millsap’s scoring dipped with the Nuggets last season (from 14.6 points per game to 12.6), he was unflappable when it mattered—turning up with timely drives, cuts, and rebounds when the stakes were highest. If you’re in need of a star to act as a funnel for the offense, you’d best look elsewhere. He has played both the power forward and center positions. What a thought. As he works on his body and tightens up his game, Dončić should grow into an even steadier player. So Quin Snyder turned Ingles loose over the past few seasons to find just how far his creativity would stretch. Then, just when other defenders come to their rescue, Jokić will whip a perfect, cross-court pass to the open man in the weakside corner. “The goal right now is to play the season,” he said. Otherwise, players were ordered based on their complete games. This level of latitude, however, is. It’s a tough lot, keeping tabs on a player who seems to be everywhere. This is the first version of the Top 100 to be made without Ben Golliver (@BenGolliver), now of the Washington Post, who was instrumental in establishing the values of this ranking. Running an offense through Curry, on the other hand, means playing in the space he provides. How could a player like that—a player who finished third in MVP voting—rank as low as ninth? There isn’t that much evidence to suggest that Randle actually made the Pelicans all that much better last season—only that he managed to accumulate the kinds of base-level stats that earn a player attention and get him paid. There just aren’t many limits when the best pick-and-roll big in basketball also might be the best face-up big, the best transition big, and maybe even the best mid-range-shooting big. For as imposing as he is, physically, Drummond has never been great about using his body to seal a defender or leaving his footwork open to several different moves. What makes DeRozan such a complicated figure is that he’s dedicated his career to the kinds of mid-range jumpers he only makes 41% of the time. Tucker dazzles in both respects and across positions. But damn if they aren’t effective. On the year, Browns has recorded 45 catches for 483 yards and four touchdowns. Having Redick dart into a hand-off from a player like Joel Embiid throws many defenders out of their senses, overriding the best-conceived game plans with a momentary sense of panic. He certainly looks like a star, given how often he works with the ball in his hands and the flair with which he breaks down a defender off the dribble. Middleton may not dominate any one phase of the game, but by filling gaps as needed, he allows his team to dominate. Running an offense through Harden means allowing him to dominate the ball. Few others in this range are as purely talented as a 7’3’’ game-breaking shooter. If his team needs him to run an offense, he can do so proficiently. So let’s not rush praise for Booker beyond what he’s proven to be: a promising scorer who’s taking real steps, year over year, to flesh out his game. Embiid went from not playing basketball at all to the No. Or, you could just trade for Kyle Lowry. It’s a beautiful thing when a young big starts to position himself with clarity. It takes quick feet and great hands to be a top-flight defender, but don’t underestimate the importance of a strong frame. There were only a dozen players 6’8” or taller last season to shoot 40% from beyond the arc. In a way, the issue isn’t Bledsoe’s 24% shooting from three in the playoffs but the point at which he all but refused to shoot them. Positionally speaking, Middleton could guard a two, a three, or a four, which means he could play the two, the three, or the four. In a league where even the most rudimentary two-way wings have value, those who move and cut like Harris can elevate an entire offense. If he can rein in his handle, Murray should be able to get anywhere he wants to go. That’s being a bad teammate. They don’t have the handle, the feel, or the correct mechanics. DeAndre Jordan, who was thrice selected for All-NBA honors and twice named an all-league defender, did not try very hard with the Knicks last season. His defense was not only attentive, but more reliable than ever. Otherwise, Leonard is tenacious enough to drive wherever he wants. We’re not evaluating Kemba Walker as a Celtic, but as a concept. As safe as bigs come. (Last season, only two players in the league drew more offensive fouls than Griffin.) That kind of restraint—born of the fact that Ingles isn’t exactly quick enough to blow past anyone—can be inhibiting at times, though it’s far more often a blessing than a curse. So long as a team can minimize those instances, it can benefit from the better, more cohesive defense that Aminu makes possible. Denver’s team defense held up through two long series, and rarely was Jokić’s foot speed any kind of significant problem. Maybe he really will try to play the full season. Tactical advancement is Mitchell’s next frontier. Many players and analysts have argued calling him the greatest shooter in NBA history. When a game starts to slip away, it can be hard not to dwell on those limits. He’s entering his third year after showing meaningful progress, he’ll be 23 years old at season’s end, and he’s already showcased his talents to the tune of 18.7 PPG and 9.0 RPG. Danilo Gallinari is something of a wonder: a forward so amorphous as to avoid any real role or definition, and yet somehow effective in every phase of scoring. Yet every system has its complications. The 50 Greatest Players in National Basketball Association History (also referred to as NBA's 50th Anniversary All-Time Team or NBA's Top 50) were chosen in 1996 to honor the 50th anniversary of the founding of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Towns deserves time. Then, on defense, he takes up the most possible space in the middle of the floor. Here, for you are listed best basketball players of 2020. He does his best work in the spaces in between by making the most of what a defense gives him, which bodes well for a season in the Lakers’ positional clutter. Under ideal circumstances, he would orchestrate a more balanced attack. Another is the rise of a new class of stars, led by Giannis Antetokounmpo. Harrison Barnes is reliable, professional, and unfortunately caught in the middle. If an opponent manages to escape his denials, dribble cleanly, and make their move, they still have to overcome the physical resistance of pushing through Holiday at every step. There’s a strong frame in place. What are the applications we haven’t even considered? What earned Siakam the Most Improved Player award last season wasn’t his energy or his defense. The whiplash-inducing contrast between Eric Bledsoe’s regular season, for which he was nearly named an All-Star, and his playoff run, which was problematic enough for the Bucks to sometimes replace him with George Hill, makes it difficult to evaluate the complete player. We know a lot more about Murray now than we did a year ago, starting with the fact that he’s up for the challenge. There is a freedom in that—particularly in a league where changing a team’s style of coverage so often requires changing the lineups involved. It also, curiously enough, might be the first time that Conley goes to work with any real, consistent spacing. Incoming rookies were not included. Yet in the last public update, Pacers president Kevin Pritchard expressed optimism that Oladipo could return in December or January. At number 10 in this list of best basketball players of 2020, we have Blake Griffin.

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