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Your comments have been sent. The Intel Pentium 4415U is an ULV (ultra low voltage) dual-core SoC based on the Kaby-Lake architecture and has been launched Intel VT-d can help end users improve security and reliability of the systems and also improve performance of I/O devices in virtualized environments. Article ID 000028083 . Intel Core i5-8265U vs. Intel Core i5-7200U - Benchmark, Geekbench 5, Cinebench R20, Cinebench R23, Cinebench R15 and FP32 iGPU (GFLOPS) benchmark results ... 3270 (78%) Geekbench 3, 64bit (Multi-Core) ... As such they do not accurately reflect the actual Passmark CPU mark values and are not endorsed by PassMark Software Pty Ltd. C0 is the operational state, meaning that the CPU is doing useful work. Please use at your own risk. Intel® Quick Sync Video delivers fast conversion of video for portable media players, online sharing, and video editing and authoring. Find products with Intel® Trusted Execution Technology ‡. A bus is a subsystem that transfers data between computer components or between computers. Cores is a hardware term that describes the number of independent central processing units in a single computing component (die or chip). See your Intel representative for details. Some products can support AES New Instructions with a Processor Configuration update, in particular, i7-2630QM/i7-2635QM, i7-2670QM/i7-2675QM, i5-2430M/i5-2435M, i5-2410M/i5-2415M. See the Intel® Graphics Technology page for more information. The Intel Core i5-3230M is a dual-core four thread mobile processor based on the 3rd generation Ivy Bridge architecture. These scores are only an. Thermal Monitoring Technologies protect the processor package and the system from thermal failure through several thermal management features. Your personal information will be used to respond to this inquiry only. Geekbench 5 scores are calibrated against a baseline score of 1000 (which is the score of an Intel Core i3-8100). Intel® Transactional Synchronization Extensions (Intel® TSX) are a set of instructions that add hardware transactional memory support to improve performance of multi-threaded software. CompuBench 1.5 (Bitcoin mining) Data courtesy CompuBench. Geekbench 5 scores are calibrated against a baseline score of 1000 (which is the score of an Intel Core i3-8100). Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology (Intel® HT Technology) delivers two processing threads per physical core. Intel® IPT can be a key component in two-factor authentication solutions to protect your information at websites and business log-ins. Check http://ipt.intel.com/ for systems that support Intel® Identity Protection Technology (Intel® IPT). GeekBench 3 (Multi-core) Data courtesy Primate Labs. We may receive compensation when you click on links to those products. Intel NUC NUC8I5INHX Home and Business Desktop (Intel i5-8265U 4-Core, 8GB RAM, 512GB SATA SSD, AMD Radeon 540X, WiFi, Bluetooth, 2xUSB 3.1, 1xHDMI, 1 Mini Display Port, SD Card, Win 10 Pro) with Hub $859.00 Intel® 64 architecture delivers 64-bit computing on server, workstation, desktop and mobile platforms when combined with supporting software.¹ Intel 64 architecture improves performance by allowing systems to address more than 4 GB of both virtual and physical memory. Intel® Turbo Boost Technology dynamically increases the processor's frequency as needed by taking advantage of thermal and power headroom to give you a burst of speed when you need it, and increased energy efficiency when you don’t. The numbers in the charts are based on a few benchmarks, that you can find in the "Benchmarks" tab. PassMark CPU Benchmarks. Please contact OEM for the BIOS that includes the latest Processor configuration update. Intel® Virtualization Technology (VT-x) allows one hardware platform to function as multiple “virtual” platforms. Your name and email address will not be added to any mailing list, and you will not receive email from Intel Corporation unless requested. Jun 04, 2014: Earlier this week Intel published a few Product Change Notification (PCN) documents, detailing discontinuation of large number of Core i5 and i7 desktop microprocessors.The list includes all Core i7-3xxx models, specifically the i7-3770K, i7-3770S, i7-3770T and boxed i7-3770. Please submit your comments, questions, or suggestions here. for a basic account. Find products with Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology ‡. or Benchmark results for the Intel Core i5-3210M can be found below. Whilst the 3470 is a reasonable CPU, it's only fractionally cheaper than the i5-3570K which scores an effective speed of 98 and has an unlocked multiplier. GeekBench 3 (Single core) Data courtesy Primate Labs. Benchmarks Real world tests of Core i5 3470 vs 2400. Core i3 2130. Intel Core i5-7200U vs. Intel Core i3-7130U - Geekbench 5, Cinebench R20, Cinebench R15 and FP32 iGPU (GFLOPS) benchmark results plus detailed technical data Lithography refers to the semiconductor technology used to manufacture an integrated circuit, and is reported in nanometer (nm), indicative of the size of features built on the semiconductor. For an explanation of our advertising policy, please, Note: Commissions may be earned from the links above. See Intel’s Global Human Rights Principles. Your company as an importer and/or exporter is responsible for determining the correct classification of your transaction. These can include SSE (Streaming SIMD Extensions) and AVX (Advanced Vector Extensions). Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (or PCIe) is a high-speed serial computer expansion bus standard for attaching hardware devices to a computer. Note that ECC memory support requires both processor and chipset support. Find products with Intel® Virtualization Technology (VT-x) ‡. PCMark 8 Home 3.0 Accelerated Data courtesy FutureMark. username Intel® processors come in four different types: a Single Channel, Dual Channel, Triple Channel, and Flex Mode. Idle States (C-states) are used to save power when the processor is idle. The value shown represents which Intel’s instruction set this processor is compatible with. It enables an environment where applications can run within their own space, protected from all other software on the system. You can easily search the entire Intel.com site in several ways. Forgot your Intel Intel® Identity Protection Technology is a built-in security token technology that helps provide a simple, tamper-resistant method for protecting access to your online customer and business data from threats and fraud. Benchmark results for the Intel Core i5-3230M can be found below. We do not assume any responsibility for the data displayed on our website. Comparison between Intel Celeron and Intel Core i5 with the specifications of the processors, the number of cores, threads, cache memory, also the performance in benchmark platforms such as Geekbench 4, Passmark, Cinebench or AnTuTu. Disclaimer: PassMark Data courtesy Passmark. Do you work for Intel? Core i5 4570. Frequency is typically measured in gigahertz (GHz), or billion cycles per second. The data on this chart is gathered from user-submitted Geekbench 5 results from the Geekbench Browser. PassMark (Single Core) Core i5 3470. // See our complete legal Notices and Disclaimers. Intel® VT-x with Extended Page Tables (EPT), also known as Second Level Address Translation (SLAT), provides acceleration for memory intensive virtualized applications. Frequency is typically measured in gigahertz (GHz), or billion cycles per second. Highly threaded applications can get more work done in parallel, completing tasks sooner. Graphics Base frequency refers to the rated/guaranteed graphics render clock frequency in MHz. Benchmarks of mid range CPUs. Price and performance details for the Intel Core i5-6300U @ 2.40GHz can be found below. SR2PA, Code Name: Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 Frequency is the maximum single core frequency at which the processor is capable of operating using Intel® Turbo Boost Technology. Max Turbo Frequency refers to the maximum single-core processor frequency that can be achieved with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology. // No product or component can be absolutely secure. Intel® IPT provides a hardware-based proof of a unique user’s PC to websites, financial institutions, and network services; providing verification that it is not malware attempting to login. See www.intel.com/technology/turboboost/ for more information. The number of memory channels refers to the bandwidth operation for real world application. The processor base frequency is the operating point where TDP is defined. GeekBench 3 (Multi-core) Data courtesy Primate Labs. Clicking ‘Submit’ confirms your acceptance of the Intel Terms of Use and understanding of the Intel Privacy Policy. Geekbench 5 scores are calibrated against a baseline score of 1000 (which is the score of an Intel Core i3-8100). Enhanced Intel SpeedStep® Technology is an advanced means of enabling high performance while meeting the power-conservation needs of mobile systems. Conventional Intel SpeedStep® Technology switches both voltage and frequency in tandem between high and low levels in response to processor load. Intel® HD Graphics, Iris™ Graphics, Iris Plus Graphics, and Iris Pro Graphics deliver enhanced media conversion, fast frame rates, and 4K Ultra HD (UHD) video. Intel’s products and software are intended only to be used in applications that do not cause or contribute to a violation of an internationally recognized human right. What is the difference between Boxed and Tray Processors? Brand Name: Intel® Clear Video HD Technology, like its predecessor, Intel® Clear Video Technology, is a suite of image decode and processing technologies built into the integrated processor graphics that improve video playback, delivering cleaner, sharper images, more natural, accurate, and vivid colors, and a clear and stable video picture. Max memory size refers to the maximum memory capacity supported by the processor. Intel Core i5-6300U @ 2.40GHz. Intel® Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O (VT-d) continues from the existing support for IA-32 (VT-x) and Itanium® processor (VT-i) virtualization adding new support for I/O-device virtualization. The Intel processor number is just one of several factors—along with processor brand, system configurations, and system-level benchmarks—to be considered when choosing the right processor for your computing needs. Thermal Design Power (TDP) represents the average power, in watts, the processor dissipates when operating at Base Frequency with all cores active under an Intel-defined, high-complexity workload. 2,389. Kaby Lake, /apps/intel/arksuite/template/arkProductPageTemplate. i7-7500U, Ordering Code:  $98.91, Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 Frequency, Max Memory Size (dependent on memory type), Intel® Flexible Display Interface (Intel® FDI), Intel® Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O (VT-d), Intel® VT-x with Extended Page Tables (EPT), Intel® Transactional Synchronization Extensions, Intel® processor numbers for the Data Center, Find products with Intel vPro® Platform Eligibility, Find products with Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology, Find products with Intel® Virtualization Technology (VT-x), Find products with Intel® Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O (VT-d), Find products with Intel® Trusted Execution Technology, http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/architecture-and-technology/hyper-threading/hyper-threading-technology.html?wapkw=hyper+threading, http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/processors/processor-numbers.html. An instruction set refers to the basic set of commands and instructions that a microprocessor understands and can carry out. The data on this chart is gathered from user-submitted Geekbench 5 results from the Geekbench Browser.

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