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These ambitions could not be realized until 1950 when sponsored by the We are providing you with three lists for the Trek. Your adventure starts as we pick you up from the airport in Islamabad. Based on your own judgment you can select things that you might need from the third list. ► Hiking boots Although we receive several guests for each fixed departure, we feel that it is important to mention it. ), Thermarest or any similar mat/pad for sleeping, Baselayer thermal shirts (2 long sleeves, 2 short sleeves), Mountaineering equipment (See “List 2” below). Status “available” means we are registering guests and “guaranteed” means we have crossed the required number of participants and the trip will commence on the given dates. Die Gipfel des Hindukush selbst sind erst relativ spät entdeckt und erkundet worden. The route to Tirich Mir is very risky, providing an opportunity for extreme adventure lovers to put their dexterity and passion to the test. Travel Documents & Visa In order to apply for visas to Pakistan, you generally need a passport expiring later than (6) months. Expeditions. The first recorded ascent of the mountain was on 21 July 1950 by a Norwegian expedition consisting of Arne Næss, P. Kvernberg, H. Berg, and Tony Streather. This error message is only visible to WordPress admins, Chitral (Matraj) to Hunza (via Darkot) Trek, Five 8000er Base Camp Trek (Nanga Parbat BC, Broad Peak BC, K2 BC, Concordia, G1 & G2 BC), Four 8000er Base Camp Trek (Broad Peak BC, K2 BC, Concordia, G1 & G2 BC), Grand Hindu Kush and Karakorum Transverse, Hunza, Hispar, Hispar la, Snow Lake, Baifo, Askole Skardu Trek, Shimshal Pass, Minglik Sar & Shipodeen Pass Round Trek. Mountaineering boots that must be compatible with your crampons. Hindukush Tirich Mir Trek; Spantik BC and Haramosh La Trek; Expeditions. The other members of the expedition included P. Kvern Berg and H. Berg. This is a chain of peaks. Everest with Karakorum Expeditions, Climb the 6030m peak situated in Shimshal Pamir, Climb one of the under explored peaks of Ghuzerav mountains, Fill up the form below to tell us what you're looking for, Usman Plaza, Flat# 1, Jinnah Avenue, New Mal Kuri Road, Islamabad. List 1 and 2 contain items and equipments that you must bring. ► Climbing harness It is located in the Chitral District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Journey on Karakoram Highway is one of the best experiences in Pakistan for any foreign or domestic tourist, providing views of amazing natural environment and indigenous people throughout the road trip and never has any of our guest openly regretted traveling by KKH. Interested to climb Tirich Mir? Our guide will be the focal person for communication, assistance, help and complaints during the Trek. eine Bitte: Wenn mir jemand interessante Quellen bzw. We will help you with all necessary documents to obtain the visa once you register with us. ► Sun protection cream (including total block for nose, lips etc.) During camping days, you will also be sharing a two-person tent. Tirich Mir West I 7487m was first climbed by a Czechoslovak expedition in July 1967, which was led by Engineer Vladimir Sedory, other members of the expedition were; Cervinka, I.Galfy, V.Smida and I.Urbanoric.The expedition did not use any oxygen nor did they fix ropes. Prusik loops X two (2) – (4 meters of 6 mm cord makes up 2), Pen-knife (important: pack sharp tools in hold luggage), Repair kit (e.g. Some local legends suggest that Tirich Mir is a kingdom of Djinns, fairies, wizards and witches who wouldn’t let human beings into their area. Want to face extreme risks and hardships to satisfy your craving for extreme adventure? Meine „Expedition ins schmucke Tierreich Hamburgs“ biete ich als Fuß- oder Radtour an – in Deutsch und Englisch. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. First Aid Pack (Diamox (Altitude), Dioralite (re-hydration salts), antiseptic cream, blister treatment, throat lozenges, plasters, Imodium (diarrhea treatment), painkillers), Sandals (sports) or old shoes (to cross rivers), Sun protection cream (including total block for nose, lips etc. Karakorum Highway (In case of Flight Cancellation), We advise all our guests to read foreign travel advices on their respective country’s foreign office websites. In Wakhi, trich means shadow or darkness and mir means king, so Tirich Mir means king of darkness. Bildmaterial zu dieser oder anderen Expeditionen nennen bzw. ► Camera During the initial days of trekking, fresh vegetables are also cooked until they remain fresh. People on work visas (already in Pakistan/abroad) require a No-Objection Certificate (NOC) which normally takes up to 6 weeks. Minimum Grade B2. Per Kvernberg, Arne Næss, Henry Berg and Tony Streather became the first people ever to reach the top of this mountain - … All Necessary equipment for Camping during the trek. Any other item not listed in Cost Includes section. The peak is located in a village named Tirich and hence the name Tirich Mir. [citation needed]. We have 40 days itinerary for Tirich Mir expedition. ► Insect repellant Einmal die Woche gibt es eine Schnorchel-Expedition mit Meeresbiologin Amanda zu den Walhaien und wenn man viel Glück hat, dann sehen die erfahrenen Jungs am Bord die Tiere unter Wasser und man kann mit ihnen schnorcheln. ► Sunglasses 1935 weilte die erste Deutsche Hindukusch-Expedition in Nuristan, die eigentliche bergsteigerische Erschließung begann jedoch erst nach dem zweiten Weltkrieg. Stories of mountaineers and tourists falling to their death and never being found are quite common when it comes to Tirich Mir. This Chitral District location article is a stub. ► Baselayer – leggings (Thermal) The maximum limit (12.5 kgs) strictly followed is assigned by the local porters organization. Two members, R. Hoibakk and A. Opdal, reached top of Tirich Mir East. Our guide/staff will be waiting for you outside the international arrivals gate in the airport premises who will take you to the hotel. Please agree to all the terms and conditions before proceeding to the next step A tourist visa (visit visa) is required to come to Pakistan for trekking. Am Folgetag erreichten Arne Næss, Henry Berg und Tony Streather ebenfalls den Gipfel. The tour leader/guide helps all participants in deciding a tip for all crew members of the Trek. This route is available on Google maps. For more information please write us at info@karakorumexpedition.com. zur Expedition: Die Kleinexpedition versucht eine Besteigung des Tirich Mir (7708 m, höchster Berg des Hindukusch), scheitert jedoch. Staff Salary & Allowance: All Pakistani staffs & porters daily wages, salary, equipment, foods & clothing. ► Mittens or gloves On June 14 the three Japanese members of the "Barbarian Club Tirich Mir Expedition" led by Ayumi Nozawai arrived at Base Camp (4800 meters). ► Prusik loops X two (2) – (4 meters of 6 mm cord makes up 2) All guests must notify us if they do not need transfers from airport. For example in UK, British Mountaineering Council offers good solutions. Arne Næss og Ralph Høibakk forteller. It will be possible for you to leave parts of your luggage at the hotel at your particular destination you chose. Our kitchen uses a large container for water supply that helps in settling down the silt at the bottom. The other members of the expedition included P. Kvern Berg and H. Berg. List 1 – Must Bring Items: Minimum Group Participants and holiday Status The required number of participant bookings i.e. TIRICH MIR (7,708 M) EXPEDITION Trich Mir (7708m) is the 33rd highest peak in the world and highest in the Hindukush mountainous range. Arne Naess again led the successful Norwegian venture to Tirich Mir East (7,692 meters) in 1964. If yes, accompany us to Tirich Mir and we pledge that we will go the extra mile to help realize your dream. Tirich Mir West III 7400m was climbed in 1974 by Group University of Montagne et de Ski of France. The mountain was first climbed in 1950 by a Norvegian expedition comprised of AArne Næss, P. Kvernberg, H. Berg, and Tony Streather. While Returning: Basecamp to Askole by porters / Mule and Askole to Islamabad by bus / Jeep. Tirich Mir Main Peak was climbed for the first time in 1950 by a Norwegian expedition led by Arne Naess. Rising 7,707 meters above sea level, Tirich Mir is the highest mountain located in the Hindu Kush mountain range. For more reliable and updated information, we suggest you to contact the nearest Pakistani consulate or embassy in your country. Please only bring required items on the trek. ► Tips for guides, porters, staff etc ► Underwear (normal and thermal) We expect that you will take full responsibility for ensuring you have the right travel documents. ► Trekking poles (highly recommended) In 1950, a Norwegian expedition team first scaled the peak, which overlooks Chitral. Rooms at our selected hotels will be provided on twin-sharing basis and will have en-suite amenities. It can also be seen from Afghanistan. ► All trekking requirements on ground (including cook, support staff, porters, gears (excluding personal) etc ► Wash-bag and toiletries They wait for foreign tourists to arrive so that they can earn and compliment to their existing income while their kids look after their small farms. Two members of the expedition R. Hoibakk and A. Opdal, reached top of Tirich Mir (E). ► Repair kit (e.g. Sie sind die größten Fische und werden im Durchschnitt 15 Meter lang. six (6) registrations are required to conduct the “Fixed departures”. Normally if you are visiting non-EU countries, you must check for 2 vacant pages in your travel document (passport) for every country you plan to travel. Die Erstbesteigung gelang einer norwegischen Expedition im Jahr 1950. Tirich Mir (Khowar/Pashto/Urdu: ترچ میر‎) (alternatively Terich Mir, Terichmir and Turch Mir) is the highest mountain of the Hindu Kush range, and the highest mountain in the world outside of the Himalayas-Karakoram range, located in Chitral District of Pakistan. They will be licensed and recognized from Pakistan’s Ministry of Tourism. ► Sling (120 cm), List 3 – Optional: Tirich Mir is the highest mountain in the Hindu Kush region. These porters and their elders have been doing it for decades and watching the porters at work with such energy is another vital offering of this holiday. Climbing Tirich Mir is extremely challenging. One can rest, socialize, read, write, and photograph etc upon reaching a camp. NORWEGIAN EXPEDITION TO TIRICH MIR, 1950 H. R. A. STREATHER FOREWORD Since 1907 when C. W. Rubenson and I. Monrad-Aas came very close to success on Kabru, the 24,000-foot south-western outlier of Kangchen- junga, Norwegian climbers have had several plans for Himalayan expeditions. To apply for a tourist visa, you will need a Letter of Invitation from our company and sometimes a duplicate (copy) of the “government trekking permit” for the group, processed by us. Moreover, the glacier is extremely difficult to cross and you must cross it if you aim to climb Tirich Mir. After establishing base camp, the party set up two additional camps. [2] Tirich Mir overlooks the town of Chitral, and can be easily seen from the main bazaar. Wir hatten so viel Glück und konnten wirklich 15 Minuten über einen Walhai schnorcheln. You can make sure of the trip status on this page. Tirich Mir (Main) at 7,708m/25,288ft, is the highest peak in whole of the Hindukush range. Our guides have vast experience with foreign clients and can communicate in English. ► Warm hat ► Pen-knife (important: pack sharp tools in hold luggage) We will take care of the logistics, accommodation, food, safety and security, camping, trekking, briefings and everything in between in order to make your experience comfortable, safe and adventurous. In October 1907 Rubenson and Monrad Aas made an attempt to climb Kabru, but had to turn back a few hundred feet from the summit. The food will include combination of Pakistani and foreign meals made of ingredients bought in Pakistan. Tirich Mir Main Peak was climbed for the first time in 1950 by a Norwegian expedition led by Arne Naess. Dinner is always eaten in mess tent which is freshly prepared by our cooks travelling with us. You will also be accompanied by kitchen crew, assistant(s) depending on the group size and last but not the least, porters. Make sure this account has posts available on instagram.com. All our potential guests are advised to read carefully and know the different elevations mentioned above for each trekking day. Based on your own judgment you can select things that you might need from the third list. Arzt), Beyeler Paul, Chevalier Daniel, Galland Pierre, Hunziker Ernst, Knecht Toni, Marchand Eric Gipfel: Knecht am 14. ► First Aid Pack (Diamox (Altitude), Dioralite (re-hydration salts), antiseptic cream, blister treatment, throat lozenges, plasters, Imodium (diarrhea treatment), painkillers) Tirich Mir East with a height of 7,692m was another first Norwegian ascent done later in 1964 . Porters discussed above will be carrying your baggage/luggage apart from supplies, equipments etc. thread, needle, duct tape) Camp will be closed after breakfast and porters will get to work carrying supplies and luggage ahead of guests to arrive at the lunch site and prepare meals. ► Climbing helmet ► Liner (for sleeping bag) If you are traveling alone, you will be teamed with one of the other participants (of the same sex) for room and tent sharing. thread, needle, duct tape). Average low temperatures range from −23 °C (−9 °F) in January to 0 °C (32 °F) in July and August. On this specific altitude (4,245 m or 13,927 ft asl) we find moderately cold winters and cool summers generally above freezing. ► Government trekking permit fees/paperwork for Trek, ► Travel insurance Although this should not worry you as humans are reasonably gifted to become accustomed to high elevations, we must acclimatize according to our well-planned itinerary. The word Mir or Mer stands for a guiding person of a certain tribe. ► All accommodation in Pakistan (hotels and camps) according to itinerary ► Antibacterial hand wash List 1 – Must Bring Items: We will collect from you the mountaineering equipments at your destination that shall be carried separately by our porters. The traditional route to the peak passes through Chitral - Reshun and Khosht-Drassan- Zani pass- Shagram and Shaikh Naik. Despite an initial period of unsettled weather they climbed in a lightweight semi-alpine style, establishing caches of food and equipment at 5500 meters, 6200 meters and 6600 meters before returning to BC on June 28. It could have gotten this name as it creates long shadows on the Wakhan side of its face. Travel advice for EU residents from their home country to your destination country (Pakistan) can be found on the European Commission website. Tirich Mir, Ascents and Tragedy. [citation needed], It is believed the origin of the name Tirich Mir is "King of Tirich" as Tirich is the name of a side valley of the Mulkhow valley of Chitral which leads up to Tirich Mir. The Tirich Mir is a chain of about eleven peaks with different routes to their summits. ► Souvenirs. If you do not like the odor of iodine, you might want to bring your own supply of bi-carbonate of soda. ► Small padlock (for locking your bag) These tips are then handed over as a group in a “thank you” ceremony organized at the conclusion of the trek. TIPP. ► Visa to Pakistan (Letter of Invitation and other supporting documents will be offered by us for visa application) ► Bottle for Pee, Minimum Group Participants and holiday Status.

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