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People who nowadays still drive a T2, T3, T4, you name ‘em – those vans that we used to have until the 2000s – most of them are enthusiasts that run these vehicles in perfect weather conditions. How can you “bring them in”? Americans really want to buy these van campers. At this moment, the only brand new AWD or 4×4 options in the states are the insanely inflated diesel Sprinters or the highly anticipated (sad) 2020 Ford Transit. I was really hoping that this was to test the waters to see if there really was a strong demand for the product. – Tesla: 197,517 vehicles. There is even a setting that shows the van’s angles when parked, helping the driver dial in the most level camping position without having to eyeball it or use a line level. They are amazing! In 2003, the final year that VW imported the Eurovan to the US, less than 4,000 sold in the entire year! Pop top? It’s not a “world vehicle”. You’re right on both counts: the basic vehicle (VW Transporter) in this generation (and the previous 2) was never engineered for the US. This doesn’t seem insurmountable? Heck, let's say it costs $99,976: I'd prob still buy it first, because I can make car payments. Auch während der Reise sind wir immer für dich erreichbar. Likewise, people were told to buy Hummers, they did, and then they got played by the fuel industry. We have a 1999 Eurovan Camper that we love.Was offered what we paid for it last year! Den VW T6 California Ocean mieten bietet dir außerdem noch den Luxus eines integrierten Navis, einer Rückfahrkamera für bequemes Rangieren und Einparken sowie die automatische Abstandsregelung für entspanntes Cruisen auf Europas Straßen. I wonder what the owners of Marathon Oil, the Koch family, would explain the disparity? Therefore, people in the majority would rather go for something bigger, if they’re looking for RVs.”. My current business imports from Europe and brings containers over on a regular basis. But I will probably build one. Pleasure-way used the Dodge Ram van and basically ripped of the VW California layout. Particularly with the pandemic, these would sell very well. Road Tours. Why couldn’t VW sell an add on package to meet requirements like dealers used to for other environmental upgrades 40 + years ago. I would be willing to do some research on this, if you don’t know. My down jacket was $380. I would like to buy one over there, drive and store it for a few years and then bring it home. The setup is an offshoot of the Transporter van, which you can’t buy in the US, probably the reason they won’t sell the California here either—more on that in a moment—and the new California is the T6.1 version. Took forever to sell them. Campingbus mieten VW California Reutlingen Wir haben uns auf die Vermietung von Wohnmobilen und Campingbussen in Reutlingen spezialisiert. April zur Verfügung stehen. Millions of people will randomly join in when they see others doing so, let alone your measily 200,000 target for us actual campers/explorers. Get this camper van to the US Volkswagen and you will turn a profit for sure! Our license plate said VW’s VW. I was told by someone from my local VW dealership that the reason they do not sell these vans in the US is because of the environmental standards. Kevin, it sounds like you know quite a lot about this industry so maybe you can verify if what I was told at the dealership is correct or not. Ever hear of Hummer or PT Cruiser? Angebot einholen Anrufen: 0180 5 888234 WhatsApp 0180 5 888234 Nachricht an 0180 5 888234 Kontakt Tisch reservieren … 'Chicken Tax'? Michigan radio interviewed the press relations pro at VW, Christian Buhlmann, a few years ago when the California first debuted and here’s what he had to say about keeping the van out of the US: “It’s either love ’em or hate ’em. All my friends talk about either moving or getting one of these to be able to evacuate quick. And they are vw experts so they know the history. Yeah, my first thought when I read that quote was, dude, people pay $25k for 30-year-old Westys that they KNOW will break down repeatedly. Could be the deal. But there are many people here that will buy a shell van and convert it on their own. I’ve spent alot of time looking for a diesel powered camper & have been told by some that the gasoline lobby prevailed to have diesel fuel made more expensive than gasoline, even though it’s cheaper to produce. Bet you VW regrets not coming to the US now lol. In der Küche hast du immer zwei Gasplatten, zwei Unterbauschränke mit Besteckschublade, eine 42l-Kühlbox und ein Spülbecken mit dabei. I didn’t mean to imply they would sell 200,000 west of the Rockies in a single year, but that’s a fair assumption since I was making a comparison to the single-year sells disaster of <4,000. vanagons still reign supreme if you can afford to maintain them but with the higher priced competitive vans in market now, the consumer desire to get back to nature, and the tiny house popularity perhaps the vw van time has returned. Perhaps this should be the starting grounds for identifying the demand, not statistics from 2004 when MySpace was exploding, and people were still living in their tiny worlds (today, we all want to be Mark Twain again like in the 70s, not Eminem n Marylin Manson like in the Y2K). I will. I don’t know if many people in US are willing to pay that. If desired, maybe on a cold and grey morning, when extreme privacy is wanted, or just to keep out a soul-penetrating early morning sun’s glare through the windows, you can set an alarm that will gradually raise the interior LED lights to mimic the sunrise. Soooooo much cheaper. VW Anschlussgarantie bis zu 36 Monaten mögl.-langjährige Erfahrung im VW California EU-Neuwagenhandel - faire Preise und kompetente Beratung - Wunschbestellung möglich - VW T6.1 California Reimport Coast Ocean - Preisgarantie bis zur Lieferung - Unsere Preise sind Endpreise ohne versteckte Nebenkosten That’s a good plan for getting one here – I looked into it too. Wake up VW, you’re missing the camplife revolution in the states. Don’t know why the article singled it out…, I just got back from road tripping through Europe… those California vans are everywhere and all I want is to sell my Honda Element and get one. I do believe they would sell, maybe not like hot cakes, but they would sell. Ob ein Kurzurlaub am Meer, das Familienabenteuer oder die Elternzeit im VW Bus – wir vermieten komplett ausgestattete VW Camper zu … And although it is mostly perfect, I would opt for gas over diesel having lived through both the TDI situation, and three of the slow, under-powered diesel Westie’s of the past. Having traveled all over Europe in a VW Bus I would love to have a new VW California! I’m so tired of the American attitude that “big is better, and biggest is best”! I owned a Eurovan Weekender for about 12 years and it was my favorite vehicle. Maybe they will come up with an electric version of the California since they built/ expanded that large plant in Tennessee specifically for electric vehicles. My gear is B list, and probably obsolete at this point. Just trying to see if it makes financial sense. “The second problem is currently we make those vans in Europe, and even with the rising dollar and weaker Euro share, it is not enough units to make up for a reasonable price. Check out GTRV! And eliminates it from my dreams. Lol. etc…simply saying there isn’t a market for $50,000 camper vans in the US doesn’t make the statement true, nor remotely accurate. It is hugely complex with its electrohydraulic roof and even in Germany not many VW dealerships know how to work on them. I just thought of a possibility. Since van life has rocketed into the mainstream culture, the vintage VW bus solidified itself as an iconic symbol of nomadic freedom. I think of this all the time when I see 5 people get into a VW estate wagon when I’m in Europe . You can opt for shade spots, low limbs, car access only, etc. I say bring one of those camper vans to the US and see how many orders you get for them, especially if they under 50,000 dollars. 4 Plätzer 2 x Liegefläche für 4 Plätze Markise Aufstelldach Anhängerkupplung Camping Tisch & -stühle Standheizung Navigationssystem Parksensoren und Rückfahrkamera 2.0 l TDI, 150 PS Durchschnittsverbrauch ab 7.2 l pro 100 km Ausgerüstet mit Ausgleichs-Keilen und Kabelrolle Komplette Kochausrüstung mit Geschirr für 4 Personen DSG-Automatikgetriebe I just got back from Czech and took a blip through Germany to Innsbruck while there for 3 weeks. I saw “cliffy” used to describe a campsite in AJ #13 the other day. VW California T6.1 Ocean. Unsere Flotte umfasst neben unserem VW T2 Westfalia und VW T1 ausschließlich brandneue VW T6 California Edition, die frisch vom Band gelaufen ab 1. They’d have to ship it back to Europe to sell it.]. That’s an interesting point. I’ll be importing it to the USA temporarily to tour around the national parks with my son in 2021 for a few months. Ford can sell boatloads of Transit vans, for example, but they’re one of the Big Three, so they can sell a ton of anything they make. Parts is a non issue. ... Dog Suite VW T6 California Ocean DOG. Auch auf Dusche und WC muss man hier nicht … 4000 to 6000? Starte jetzt deine Traumreise mit California Camper 24 ! Just my $0.02. So far to my knowledge, only 1 used NV SMB has come on the market. Camper mieten. Every single one of em. But, Kevin, if you are able to import them, I would be an interested buyer. Three percent? That’s the closest you can get right now. Unter dem Sternenhimmel einschlafen. Brandneue VW T6 California Edition nach dem Baukastenprinzip mieten und gratis Tourentipps mitnehmen – das ist das Konzept der Ahoi Bullis Campervermietung. Bei der Autovermietung VW FS | Rent-a-Car können Sie neben vielen weiteren Pkw- und Nutzfahrzeug-Modellen zum Beispiel einen unserer beliebten VW California mieten. For 7 years, people have asked about our van. while doing it. Will you send me the details of how you know that? My 15 oz tent cost me $580. All of which is displayed and operated through a clean-looking display above the windshield. Rubbish. I’m an ex Eurovan owner and moved to a sprinter van, when my VW died. Unsere Flotte umfasst neben unserem VW T2 Westfalia und VW T1 ausschließlich brandneue VW T6 California Edition, die frisch vom Band gelaufen ab 1. [In my case, I am old enough that this wouldn’t matter because I would keep it until I die! Just got to ride in one in Taiwan, and I would spend $75k – $80k easy on this camper, and drive it daily for work, and then off we go on the weekends. Mit unseren VW California Ocean und Sunlight Cliff 600 XV-Kastenwagen bist du für alle Anforderungen deines Camping-Urlaubs gerüstet. However, at least offer the opportunity for people to buy over there and bring over here to the US like some of the European auto brands offer to their customers. For comparison, here are some of the brands that sold fewer than 200,000 vehicles in the US last year: I much rather leave one of these vans at a trail head then a Mercedes Sprinter van. Great. Nicht suchen sondern finden - Camper mieten bei OCEAN VAN. Vehicle must be 25 years or older to import. This would be a great way for VW to validate the market. There are smaller van conversions with pop tops available in the US. Essentially it’s as if you took a Vanagon Westy Syncro and modernized and electrified everything and gave it a torquey, fuel-efficient diesel motor. That’s what happened to the Element. Is this possible? $80K than $50K. Die Premiere des neuen VW California 2020 auf dem Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf. Either way I just got back fr om Czech Republic and Austria and there are a lot of these VWs on the road. C’mon VW, you’re creative! Best Service in Town. Für Dein Abenteuer, Wochenende oder Deine große Reise! However, the XXL model is much better, stronger and it gives good handling. Trinh, who commented on 8/13, had the idea a California Pre-Order. We aren’t air traveling, we have no idea when we will get back to active air travel. Für Dein Abenteuer, Wochenende oder Deine große Reise! and it is without Kitchen stuff and furniture otherwise nearly fully loaded. Den Kult VW Bus mieten als California Campingbus. My understanding is that the van hasn’t been tested to meet US standards and that is why it isn’t being sold here. I’m not sure you’re going to be able to “import” one to the states that easily. Seriously. It’s only sold with a TDI engine which may not be smog legal and certainly isn’t going to be a commercial success in the US. I’m guessing the market is too limited, and once the people that want them buy them, that will be it for sales. It’s comfortable, intelligently designed and very powerful, we were on the Autobahn’s of Germany where there is no speed limit and it easily kept up with the Porsches, BMW’s and Mercedes driving well over 110 MPH. #VW Nutzfahrzeuge hat den #California auf die Basis des Crafter gestellt. Egal, ob Surftrip, Familienurlaub oder Wochenendtour – wir vermieten voll ausgestattete VW T6 California Edition sowie Grand California zu fairen Preisen. I can bring them in. Head of Product Line Communications Selling and supporting Californias is tricky even in Europe. I saw one the other day in Lee Vining, California. People are simplifying their lives. We also have a full online accessory store and arrange meets throughout the UK and Europe The base model starts at nearly $50k, without shipping charges, which, sure that’s a lot of money. VW Anschlussgarantie bis zu 36 Monaten mögl.-langjährige Erfahrung im VW California EU-Neuwagenhandel - faire Preise und kompetente Beratung - Wunschbestellung möglich - VW T6.1 California Reimport Coast Ocean - Preisgarantie bis zur Lieferung - Unsere Preise sind Endpreise ohne versteckte Nebenkosten Pick a Time . The inside is styled out in wood and aluminum trim, which sounds like something out of a hipster farm-to-table restaurant, but looks clean and appropriate here. Maybe even out of a salvaged vehicle with exterior body damage. I can't find a good mechanic (including the dealerships) for my Jeep Cherokee or my Hyundai Elantra…don't get me started on 'Service'. Why not give it a shot. Equipped with a refrigerator (42 litre/1.5 cubic ft.), a 2-burner gas cooker, and a small sink, the VW T6 California Ocean offers everything you need to prepare meals. Yes, that was for a car that wasn’t even in production, and with a 3-year wait time. VW is shooting themselves in the foot thinking people won’t invest in this kind of vehicle. Nice, without being too flashy. SMB converted 30 to be sold for $65k+ at Nissan “commercial” dealerships. Camper.com adresindeki Kış koleksiyonumuzun en yeni Spring Summer Season modellerine göz atın. the vw eurovan sales in the us were nowhere near where they needed to be. Contact info? Part of the problem was nonexistent marketing and perhaps a misplaced need to own a Sprinter or nostalgia for a VW. The fresh water tank holds 27 litres (6 gallons) and the waste tank holds 30 litres (6.5 gallons). Not at all. Damit du immer auf dem rechten Weg bleibst, hast du das integrierte Navi immer dabei, genau wie das DAB-Radio mit Bluetooth-Verbindung um deine Playlists über alle Boxen deines Busses rauf und runter zu spielen. Seems to be a very huge criteria for importing one. Mit seiner komfortablen Innenausstattung und den durchdachten Details, macht er jeden Trip zu einem unvergesslichen Abenteuer. I thought it was a desert mirage– it instantly grabbed my eyes and heart. More? I absolutely love your comments. Make a Memory. Because of the success of the trip around Europe we’ve just placed an order for a new California Ocean 4 wheel drive camper. But my estate might be stuck with a problem. Farbe: schwarzGebraucht / Neu: Neufahrzeug (Erstzulassung 2019)Antrieb / Kraftstoff: DieselGetriebe: 7-Gang DSG GetriebeLeistung in kW (PS): 110 (150)Masse in fahrbereitem Zustand: 2.304 kg Zulässiges Gesamtgewicht: 3000 kg Höhe / Breite / Länge: 1990/2297/5006 MillimeterMotor: 2,0 TDI BMTAntrieb: 7-Gang DSG GetriebeEffizienzklasse: AKraftstoffverbrauch: 8,0-7,7 / 6,6-6,2 / 7,1-6,7Höchstgeschwindigkeit: 178 km/hAbgasnorm: Euro 6d TEMPMax. You can actually use it to drive places instead of destinations. While it’s not a VW – you might be better off looking at the Tofino built on a Ford platform, but largely the same layout. I have money in hand. High-End-Fahrzeuge VW California T6, Mercedes Marco Polo und weitere Modelle. So why can’t we get this thing here? Come on man, use a real modifier. The 2022 VW I.D Buzz is not a camper, and I prefer the body style of the California. And my kids would be thrilled to find this in their inheritance! – Land Rover: 92,143 vehicles Wir sind spezialisiert auf die Vermietung des VW Grand California. Die lustigen Blumen und die psychedelischen Formen und Farben der 70er hat er aber nicht. You could consider this a “smart camper.” A sophisticated control system handles things like the onboard fridge, lighting systems, and the pop-up tent. It’s a bullshit conspiracy, that or VW is absolutely nuts!! 4 Schlafplätze 4 Sitzplätze. Speaking of which, town that is, standard parking spots are 18 feet long. It’s like listening to a politician, doctor, judge, mechanic, window drapes salesman, etc. I was also told that if we somehow were able to import one, we wouldn’t be able to sell it to anyone because it would not be verified as meeting US environmental standards. But i promised her i would have a new camper one day!! Auf sechs Quadratmetern finden bis zu vier Personen im Innenraum angenehm Platz. Thanks Robin. The “California” name alone makes it seem as though Volkswagen is trolling us. They bought a rebadged Chrysler T&C, with a couple VW specific items, like MMI interface, but it was a $45k mini van. I was surprised to hear that these are not available in the states. Compact and driveability as anti-selling points? VW did a superb job! (wife is Czech). At $50k, almost no one under 30 could afford it. Bis zu vier Personen finden in den VW Bullis leicht Platz, im Kastenwagen bis zu drei Personen. A night under the stars. Dein Roadtrip wird zum echten Erlebnis mit deinem Volkswagen California. That support would be missing in the US. My expatriate daughter lives and works in Germany. Admittedly, it does lack the soul of a VW. Every year we start with a new rental fleet. I did catch a glimpse of one of these VW California’s last year driving past me north on the 101 here in Los Angeles. I drive a VW GTI now. I think they know.. i think there’s some underlying conspiracy for there is no logic behind this reasoning.. We need to discontinue the sloppy, twee trend of adding a “y” to nouns and calling them a adjectives. The folks at GoWesty might at least be able to point you in the right direction. That’s the mindset. That stat from my arse was more of a tie into my entire rant, wherein I can't go to town without seeing multiple PT Cruisers — one of the most accident prone (cause, windows are for nerds) vehicles on the road. In Germany, where over 50% are sold, not every VW dealership will sell or even touch them due to the complexity of the camper part (electro-hydraulic poptop raising mechanism, anyone?). I have been looking for years to find a way to import a new camper without paying the 150% plus the cost to get the van certified by NHTSA via RI. Oh, yeah I do: I wish Buhlmann had done his homework, like, for one day, so I could buy this perfect van. Same $+ for a 4×4 conversion. VW has chose not to invest the money that it would take (apparently millions) to do the test to show that the vans meet those standards. Jetzt ausprobieren mit unserem sensationell günstigen Testangebot, exklusiv verfügbar an unseren Stationen in Bern Wankdorf, Basel City, Zürich Kloten und Hagenholz, Crissier und Vernier. Our Rialto’s are aging. But, it might work if you could order one for delivery in Europe, drive/camp and ship it home. – Volvo: 98,786 vehicles By American standards, I'm poor. Jahreswagen. My Moms initials were VW. Downsizing. There’s a two-burner stove, the front captain seats swivel, the rear bench seat reclines, the tables stow easily for huge amounts of floor space. Frustrating, my guess is that it is part of a strategy to flood the US market with the all electric vw counter culture bus in 2022. looking forward to it but need a van NOW. He said that it costs beaucoup bucks to prove that vehicles pass our safety and emissions standards. Saw so many of these vans on the road. Surely a European car, especially from Germany, would meet US standards? So, we get the, uh, Tiguan. VW California XXL Camper Van exterior design is stronger. It would bump VW’s total sales by 50%. Service? =D. Road trips have been and will be replacing air travel and better yet camping and having the ability to not stay in a hotel. Here it is and i cant buy it? An unforgettable summer weekend festival with friends. I miss our old ’73 Westy. Jedes Jahr tauschen wir die gesamte T6-Flotte aus, damit du immer mit einem neuen Bulli in den Urlaub aufbrechen kannst. Required fields are marked *. Unfortunately, the Metris isn’t sold as a 4×4 in the states, but the Tecamp is really sweet , In 2012, we bought a Nissan NV converted by Sportsmobile, Fresno. Problem was we had no money…. California. If old US beaters can be licensed and driven, why couldn’t this van? If we ever move there a van like this is definitely in the must have category. [email protected]. A lot of the bells and whistles in a van like the VW Cali are not necessary and a home build (if you/I can do it) is far cheaper and more specific to your personal needs. A beach house, ski chalet and return ticket, all in one. Notify me of followup comments via email. Here’s a question…and I am seriously trying to do this!!! Most if not all of the converted Nissan NV 2500 or 3500 you see are the high top version. Der Campingbus ist sehr gut ausgestattet und es wird dir an nichts fehlen. That’s millions of potential buyers. Europe is waiting for you. I’d willingly part with my money for one of these whenever they decide to bring em stateside. Zum Schlafen hast du viel Platz: Legst du die Rücksitzlehne um, haben zwei Personen entspannt Platz - genauso im Bett unter dem elektrischen Aufstelldach. Or how many times do you hear a family of 3 say, “We need a minivan for the room”? Let’s put some context around that number. Schau mal rein! Lost my Mom 34 years ago to cancer. unlike that cumbersome RV. Shall we point out the ludicrous asking price for the thousands of 30 yr old rigs with 100 lb batteries n generators with insulations and hoses crumbling to bits? Far better than the method I use when leveling, the ole’ drive over a rock and eyeball it. Not something huge. These would sell in the states like hotcakes. Diesen bietet Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge grundsätzlich in zwei Ausstattungsvarianten an: Den VW California Coast und den VW California Ocean. Looking at the price tag seems like Europeans are doing well. I’m now considering a Transit or Sprinter, because I don’t want a minivan. Mercedes Maco Polo, I have no doubt it will sell like hot cakes here. I’m not interested in the ID Buzz it doesn’t seems to offer the utility my Eurovan did. Hotline 0231 7925111 - jetzt den Westfalia VW Camper mieten mit der Campervan Vermietung aus Dortmund in NRW. – Porsche: 59,116 vehicles I wish I could post a photo of our 2012 Nissan NV 2500 Sportsmobile with pop top and same floor plan as our ‘83 West. Campingbus mieten in Köln – zugegeben, der VW California von roadsurfer mit der bunten Folierung hat einen enormen Kult-Faktor. Mieten Sie einen VW Grand California, VW T6 California Beach oder VW T6 California Coast, und geniessen Sie die Freiheit auf vier Rädern. Do these vans meet North American Safety Standards and emissions? Personen: 4Sitzplätze mit Gurt: 4Schlafplätze : 4, Wohnbereich, Fläche: 4,0 QuadratmeterSeitliche Schiebetür, Breite x Höhe (mm): 1.011 x 1.247Heckklappe, Breite x Höhe (mm): 1.438 x 1.262Wendekreis (m): 11,9, • Sitzheizung vorne • Klimaanlage, Standheizung  • LED-Scheinwerfer• Abstandstempomat (ACC)• Regensensor, Lichtsensor • Markise in schwarz • Navigationssystem • DAB-Digitaler Radioempfang • Parkpilot im Front- und Heckbereich• Kompressor-Kühlschrank (ca. Unsere eigene Vermietflotte umfasst nur Neufahrzeuge bzw. Der VW T6 California wird als Fahrzeug mit hochwertiger Ausstattung auch anspruchsvollen Campern gerecht: Eine voll funktionstüchtige Küchenzeile im Fahrgastraum erlaubt auch auf Reisen eine hervorragende Verpflegung, die Sitzplätze sind ausgesprochen komfortabel und lassen sich nachts in gemütliche Schlafplätze umwandeln. Jedes Jahr tauschen wir die gesamte T6-Flotte aus, damit du immer mit einem neuen Bulli in den Urlaub aufbrechen kannst. Új jármű Lakókocsik és lakóautók Egyéb Ajánlat: VW T6.1 CALIFORNIA OCEAN / 150PS 4x4 7 GANG DSG, € 86.720,- Bruttó ár, 25 km ban ben 48161 Münster / NRW, Németország It’s more complex than that. Ever since the Dodge Omni, Chrysler has taken advantage of VW, building a similar version of the VW engine supplied to Chrysler. It’s called the “Tofino”. In our travels, we have only seen 1 as well. I’ve emailed the folks at VW a handful of time over the years telling them that they are missing the boat– I think there is more than enough demand here is the states to sustain the market for these vans in the $50-80k price range. Assuming one had the time; and the money: Is there a way of buying one in Europe and shipping it to US? DIY conversions go with high tops because the pop top will add $10k+ to the price of the van. Mit dem seit Jahren bewährten, raffinierten Grundriss des VW California Ocean Campingbus wird das Wohnzimmer zum Schlafzimmer, die Küche zum Badezimmer und ein mobiles WC steht für den Notfall parat. Yes Europeans mainly get a lot of time off. VW is right; they will not sell enough of these. Sadly that won’t be happening , CaveVan can build you a Custom Eurovan or poptop Metris here in the USA. VW has to be more selective. Unsere VW California Varianten im Überblick. Europe gets the California. This means that with many of the niggling faults that complex new cars can have, owners complain of long repair times while dealers figure out what to do. My UL down quilt cost me $250. Both of these problems are solved by the super trendy n cyclically stylish (you don't even have to be a camper to want/drive one of these) VW California. ... VW T6 California Ocean 2,0 TDI DSG (ab 03/2020 bei Tiemeyer Rent) 4 Schlafplätze 4 Sitzplätze. VW Grand California Is A Crafty Camper For The Whole Family My journey started at Los Angeles airport, where the half-ton camper vans greeted me … Wenn du einen VW Grand California mieten willst, dann musst du ab sofort auch nicht mehr auf eine Toilette verzichten. the Rialto is an eyesore or should I say a quite generic styled van so, why not bring back the delicious super functional vw California van and watch it take off?? There is also the issue of Diesel engines. Times have changed. This thing would sell like hotcakes in the US. Throw some tires on there and you’re set. Mit den Betten unten und unter dem Dach kannst du entspannt schlafen und die Nacht genießen. There is an RV market, true, but those RVs are much larger in size than what we currently offer.

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