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Randall came to be at Culloden because he was an English soldier and was stationed there at the time. When Lizzie attempted to drive off with Sarah, Jonathan jumped on her car and railed that she was worse than Alan. 1805. At Old Mill Road, Jonathan discovered that it was a set-up. When Reva and others arrived, Jonathan attempted to tell everyone that Nate murdered Marissa. When Tammy rejected him, Jonathan set it up so Tammy would think Sandy slept with another woman. These are the hallmarks of Diana Gabaldon’s work. Scared for the life of her child, she confided in Olivia Spencer (without Richard's knowledge) and gave up her baby to keep him safe. Als er ihren gebildeten englischen Akzent hört, wird Randall misstrauisch gegenüber ihrer Anwesenheit in den abgelegenen schottischen Highlands. Their phone conversation was overheard by Alan who, believing Reva was talking Jonathan out of reneging on his parental rights, grabbed the phone out of Jonathan's hand and made it abundantly clear to Reva that she would have no part in their granddaughter's life. After the procedure, Jonathan confessed to Reva that not only did he finally feel like her son, he finally wanted to be a part of his daughter's life. Jonathan, born about 1818, married first Jane Ellen Van Wickel. However, neither Jonathan nor Tammy would give in to Alan's threats. Afterwards, Jonathan convinced Tammy to run away with him. Randall leitet sich von dem Vornamen "Randell" ab, einer mittelalterlichen Diminutivform von Namen (z. In der zweiten Staffel der Serie spielt er nur eine Nebenrolle. That same night, who else but Jonathan and Sarah would show up at Reva's door? Unbeknownst to Shayne, Jonathan was actually talking to Jeffrey who kept in touch with him for several weeks. Afterwards, at Cassie's Christmas party, Jonathan met Tammy outside the Jessup farm and the two began to make love in the barn. It didn't take long for everyone to realize Jonathan had the money, and Nate tried to pressure Jonathan to give him the money by pushing a water-phobic Jonathan into the water. Roger und Buck kehren nach Fort William zurück und Roger trifft sich mit Captain Randall. As soon as he said it, Jonathan realized the mistake he had made, and he tried to warn Reva against investigating Marissa's death. Jahrhundert lebte. Unfortunately, Edmund got away and promised that he would murder all of the Lewis children unless Jeffrey continued to let Reva believe that he was dead. Outlander – starz, Claire und Frank Randall im Jahr 1945. Jonathan was proven correct when he received a text message from Lizzie asking him to come to the Bauer cabin. Jonathan Randall was born into royalty as the son of Prince Richard Winslow of San Cristobel , and Princess Catherine (Reva Shayne Lewis' name when she was suffering from amnesia). Unforgettable characters. April 1746 in der Schlacht von Culloden. Lizzie lashed out at Jonathan for his deception, but kept quiet when Alan approached her bedroom looking for her. Reva still donated part of her liver to the ailing Sandy. Nate then turned on Jonathan for choosing to save Reva and the two began to struggle. Jack Randall erfüllt den letzten Wunsch seines verstorbenen Bruders Alexander, dass er Mary Hawkins, Alexanders Geliebte, heiratete, die sein Kind trägt. Though deeply tempted to give in to her own feelings, she resisted and pushed him away. Die Ähnlichkeit ist so groß, dass Claire Beauchamp Jack mit ihrem Mann verwechselt, als sie in der Vergangenheit angekommen ist. Nachdem er mit Jenny drinnen war, machte Randall einige Versuche, sich auf ihre Vergewaltigung vorzubereiten, obwohl er, wie Jenny bemerkte, dabei Schwierigkeiten hatte. View Jonathan Randall’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Despite her pleas, Jonathan sided with his father and rushed at Reva, knocking her unconscious. Tammy and Lizzie got the same message--they realized Alan set Lizzie up to see Jonathan meeting Tammy. Although Jonathan refused at first, he had a change of heart and went to the docks and told Nate he'd go with him in exchange for Tammy's freedom. Later, Jonathan was furious when Alan showed up at Tammy's funeral to discuss Sarah and belittled Jonathan's love for Tammy by saying that Jonathan would forget about her quickly. Though Tammy made an emotional pitch for Jonathan to stay and say goodbye to his father for good, Jonathan couldn't bring himself to leave Nate's side. Join Facebook to connect with Jonathon Randall and others you may know. Offizier der britischen Armee Jonathan was able to revive Jeffrey who warned him that Edmund was a danger to everyone that Reva loved. He. Later, another attempt by Reva to trap Nate resulted in Tammy getting kidnapped. Jedes weitere Verhör wird abgebrochen, als er bewusstlos geschlagen wird und die Frau nach dem Aufwachen verschwunden ist. Nachdem der Mann gegangen ist, fragt Roger Randall, ob er mit ihm beten möchte und obwohl er misstrauisch ist, stimmt er zu. During the argument, Reva collapsed and Jonathan took her to Cedars after pocketing the stuff that had fallen out of her purse. A distraught Jonathan was ready to dive in the water also, but Reva succeeded in holding him back. Korrupter Beamter Thanks to Cassie, Jonathan was under arrest for arson. At that point, Frank rushed in with news that they found the car. Later, Jonathan visited Alan himself. On the anniversary of Tammy's death, Jonathan returned with Sarah and started harassing Alan by calling him and using an old voice mail of Tammy to simulate her voice. Und die Figuren sind allesamt sogar durchweg sympathisch bis auf womöglich Jonathan Randall und Anhänger. His work as a reporter primarily focused on war zones, including reporting from Vietnam, Eritrea, Iran, and Lebanon Randal is also the author of four books which variously chronicle and apply his journalism to Middle East issues. Sie lachte ihn aus und machte ihn so noch wütender, und er schlug sie so hart, dass sie bewusstlos wurde, und die Männer verließen die Farm. Tot Convinced he'd lost Tammy, he broke into her empty dream-house and prepared to set it on fire. Thankfully, Josh arrived just in time and threw him into the water, unaware that he'd thrown him into the boat propeller. Feeling alone and confused, Jonathan quit his job at Lewis and later trashed pictures of Reva in the Lewis house. Now, the clues to how he died were somewhat sketchy, but some were mentioned both in … Art von Bösewicht Her job was made easier when Jonathan, in an effort to save Tammy, stated in court that Tammy had nothing to do with the fire. Jonathan, fed up with fighting with Alan, proposed, for the sake of Lizzie and the baby, to move his new family into the Spaulding mansion. Though Jonathan wanted to call Reva to tell her that her husband was alive, Jeffrey decided he’d have a better change of nabbing Edmund if everyone thought he was dead. Jonathan Randall is a fictional character on the CBS daytime soap opera Guiding Light. Afterwards, Jonathan and Lizzie went to the mansion to reclaim their daughter. Afterwards, Tammy publicly (and very loudly) announced to the world that she loved Jonathan. Alias Knowing Lizzie was at Towers getting ready to marry Coop, Jonathan rushed there. Apparently, Sandy called the police station claiming that Jonathan threatened him and Sandy was afraid for his life. When Alan suggested that Jonathan was less suited at fatherhood than he was, Jonathan agreed and stated he didn't want anything to do with Lizzie's baby. Since there was no blood, it didn't take long for everyone to realize the gun was full of blanks. Jonathan war der zweite Sohn von Sir Denys Randall und Jessica Wolverton. As for Jeffrey, it could be assumed that all contact with Jonathan had stopped. Lizzie called Jonathan and asked him to meet her on Old Mill Road -- where Tammy was killed. Soon after, Jonathan met Tammy at the Jessup farm where she confessed that Sandy was going to propose and that she intended to say yes. Antagonist beziehungsweise Bösewicht der Serie Outlander ist der brutale und wahnsinnige Jonathan Randall, ein Vorfahre.. Outlander-Fans zogen aus Casting-Meldungen häufig Rückschlüsse auf die Handlung. Upon learning that the woman in charge let Lizzie take Sarah, Jonathan became enraged and angrily confronted the woman. View the profiles of people named Jonathon Randall. Horrified that he put events in motion that led to her killing Sandy, Tammy railed against Jonathan and left. Eager to protect Bill and avoid complications, Lizzie suggested they leave town after the wedding and Jon agreed. Luckily, Reva lurked nearby and disabled Nate's boat to keep him from leaving with Jonathan. Unfortunately, Tammy ended up being struck down herself. Nachdem er von seinem Vorgänger von Roger MacKenzies Suche nach seinem vermissten Sohn erfahren hat, schickt er Brian Fraser in Lallybroch einen Satz von gefundenen RAF-Erkennungsmarken, um ihn Roger zu geben. Just then, though, the cops arrived. Jonathan spent the early days of 2006 in jail since Jeffrey, at Cassie's request, had the judge deny him bail. Jonathan RandallBlack JackJack Randall Although she intended for Reva to come, Jonathan's new friend and Cassie's rival, Dinah Marler, unexpectedly derailed the plan. When he returned, he discovered that Lizzie had decided to move back home so she wouldn't be trouble and Jonathan asked her to move back with him and Tammy. That same night, with Sarah, Jonathan got into his car and started following Alan's limo menacingly. Thinking that Reva might never get the chance to meet her grandchild, he took off -- but not before finding Billy in the hospital to fill him in on Reva's condition. At the same time, Reva was trying to locate information on Jonathan. Zeit der Liebe. Jonathan married Amey Sprague on month day 1778, at age 27 at marriage place , Connecticut. Olivia then put him under the care of her sister, Marissa, and Marissa's husband, Alfred Randall. Years later, in 1999, Reva regained her memory and Richard learned of his son's fate. A fistfight ensued which left Jonathan holding Sandy by the collar, but Reva's arrival distracted him long enough for Sandy to get free and gain the upper hand. However, Jonathan quickly realized something was wrong when he couldn't get a hold of Sarah, and dropped everything to storm over to the day care facility. Realizing his mother had cancer, he confronted her. A day later, Reva arrived home to find Jonathan waiting for her. Bei einer Reise durch die Ländereien lernt er die für diese Zeit äußerst „seltsame“ Claire Beauchamp kennen, deren Leben bedroht ist. B. Randolph), die mit dem germanischen Element. Then he asked Lizzie to marry him. Later, a dangerous JB returned to Tammy, but she decided to wait to have sex. When Jonathan defied the order in order to talk to Tammy, he was promptly arrested. Suddenly realizing what she was doing, Tammy pulled back and ran off. The message turned out to be fake and two goons grabbed Jonathan and shoved him into a car while Alan took Sarah. Hab mir das heute noch mal durch den Kopf gehen lassen, und um so mehr ich darüber nachdenke um so mehr gefällt mir die Geschichte. Desperate to get Tammy back, Jonathan entered in a deal with Lizzie--help him get Tammy back and he'd help her get Coop back. But Jonathan volunteered to get it for Tammy and, unbeknownst to everyone, planted a letter that implied that Sandy had killed Jonathan. Jonathan left after Bill threatened to call security and send Alan after him. However, Reva hurt him by trying to convince him and Tammy that Sandy was the more stable choice for Tammy. Lizzie stated that she heard someone in her room and demanded to know who it was. Shortly after, Sandy found Jonathan holed up in a hotel just out of Springfield and asked him to help Tammy. Rolle His father was knighted within the late 17th century, and was awarded a baronetcy by King George I. Apparently, Jonathan's bone marrow donation had worked; it just took a while for Reva's immune system to kick in. Jonathan was more convinced than ever that Alan was a threat to Sarah, and Lizzie came up with a solution. Just as Jonathan began to copy them down, Tammy caught him. Randall trifft die Frau einige Wochen später wieder, als Dougal MacKenzie sie nach Fort William bringt und sie als Mistress Claire Beauchamp vorstellt. Jonathan lied and told a devastated Lizzie that Sarah was dead. Using a doll of Sarah as bait, Jeffrey succeeded in luring Edmund out. Jonathan Randall Als er fertig war, verspottete Randall die Schwester und forderte sie auf, ihn mit ins Haus zu nehmen, um Jamie zu schonen. In the meantime, the situation between Cassie and Edmund was growing worse, with Edmund suspecting Cassie had something to hide. The next morning, Cassie was horrified to wake up next to a naked Jonathan. Unfortunately, she wound up drunk in front of her mother, DA Doris Wolfe, who promptly had the bar closed down and Jonathan arrested. However, when Reva set it up so Jonathan would be stuck in Lizzie's room at Cedars while she had her sonogram, he was touched to learn that Lizzie was having a girl. Jonathan had 3 siblings: Hannah Arnold and 2 other siblings . When it seemed as if Bill would reveal his secret, Jon began to choke him -- until Lizzie arrived, begging him to stop. Jonathan left town again and returned to where he had been hiding--Tourmaline, CA. Frank let Jonathan go after warning him to be smarter. Jonathan Randolph rides strong back nine to 68 at Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail Championship. Apparently drunk, Cassie lured Jonathan to her apartment. Although things were looking bleak for Jonathan, he was unexpectedly saved from prosecution when Sandy testified to accidentally setting the fire himself. Jonathan wasn't moved by her declaration, though, and demanded that Tammy make a public choice, him or Sandy. At the station, Jonathan vehemently denied having anything to do with it, but later told Reva if he had to confess in order to protect Tammy, he would. Jonathan confessed to setting the fire, but stressed that he was alone. The procedure worked and Sarah made a full recovery. Later, Jonathan received another ominous warning that made him fear for Reva's safety. Sandy was determined to finish Jonathan off, so Tammy threw herself at Sandy to save Jonathan, but ended up pushing too hard and sent Sandy careening off the cliff to his death. Alan then arranged for Jonathan to fly to his island villa where Alan met him days later. Eine solide Geschichte, wenn auch nicht meine liebste. There, Jonathan had been involved with a girl. Randall stirbt am 16. Later, Jonathan saw Ava talking to Fallon, a man from Sandy's past, and after being badgered for an answer, Ava finally blurted out the truth--She was Sandy's wife! Nachdem der 19-jährige Jamie Fraser seine in Not geratene Schwester Jenny gehört hatte, versuchte er, seine Schwester und sein Eigentum zu verteidigen, gab es aber bald wieder auf, als Randall eine Pistole auf den Kopf der jungen Frau richtete. Luckily, the pair was interrupted by Reva, who took an immediate disliking to JB. Afterwards, Jonathan had an emotional moment and Lizzie, who had accidentally learned of Reva's cancer earlier, held him and comforted him. Immediately realizing that Jonathan was in some kind of trouble, Tammy hurried over to Old Mill Road and rushed out to save Jonathan from the path of a speeding car. #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • NOW A STARZ ORIGINAL SERIES Unrivaled storytelling. Although Cassie gave Tammy a choice between her family or Jonathan, Tammy chose Jonathan. Guiding Light Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Unfortunately for Jonathan, Bill caught wind of his plan and arrived in time to switch the drinks. Jahrhundert. Unfortunately, the torch he was holding accidentally dropped and ended up burning the house down, after all. Later, Jonathan stumbled upon Blake selling a house and, inspired by Reva's suggestion to change, he showed interest in buying. If you recall from DIA he was there while Claire nursed his brother before said brother died. Obwohl Jack wie Frank ein attraktiver Mann ist, ist seine Haut durch jahrelange Exposition dunkel gebräunt und er hat lange dunkle Haare. At that point, Jonathan went off the road and over a cliff, where his car plummeted and exploded on impact with Alan and Reva as witnesses. Later, in private, Jonathan tried to get Nate to leave, but Nate refused, determined to get what he wanted from the Lewis family. With Tammy out of the room Jonathan not-so-subtly revealed to Sandy that he and Tammy were going to have sex. served in the Revolutionary War. Unfortunately, while he was still a baby, his life was torn apart when Catherine heard that Jonathan's Uncle Edmund was planning to kill him so he could inherit the throne. A few weeks later, someone mysteriously set up a meeting between Jonathan and Tammy at the Lighthouse. Days later, when Tammy's boyfriend had finally left, JB took advantage of the situation and attempted to seduce her, knowing full well she was his cousin--for JB was none other than Jonathan Randall himself! Although she agreed, he was heartbroken when she disappeared and apparently went to see Sandy. Miraculously, she came back! Jonathan revealed that it was the only way to get Alan off his back forever. Sie erklärt ihre Situation, was alles, was MacKenzie ihm zuvor gesagt hatte, bestätigt, aber er ist ihr immer noch sehr misstrauisch. Whitepages people search is the most trusted directory. 100% Kostenlos Online 3000+ Serien Days later, Lizzie tried to buy his silence, but he wasn't interested in money - -he wanted her to introduce him to Tammy Winslow. Soon, Sandy began receiving harassing emails regarding Jonathan's death. Despite this, Jonathan had papers drawn up sharing custody of Sarah with Lizzie. At her trial, things looked bleak for Lizzie when Tammy testified that Lizzie admitted to deliberately shooting Alan, and it looked like Alan would win the case. Tammy left and Jonathan returned to find Frank. Later, Jonathan was angry to see Lizzie talking to Bill, since he had just learned from Ava that Bill was looking to go into business with Alan. Soon the pair ended up in a passionate kiss and later made love at the Jessup barn. While Alan's guard was down, Jonathan secretly whisked Lizzie and the baby out of town. Later, Jeffrey convinced Assistant DA Doris Wolfe to drop the charges against Tammy. By the following year, Jonathan had settled into life in Springfield and had just been selected to work as a foreman for Lewis Construction. When Tammy stated that she was merely afraid, he demonstrated that there was only one way to deal with fear: head-on. When Alan announced that he would be suing for custody of Sarah, Jonathan lunged at Alan and was dragged out by security. There, Jonathan saw Alan and pulled a gun on him again. Reva tried again to get him to claim his child, but Jonathan insisted because of his rotten childhood he'd be a rotten father. Name To make sure Sandy remained unconscious, a devious Jonathan fed him morphine. Jonathan flew off the handle, but Tammy handled the situation by confronting Sandy and asking him to leave her alone.

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