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The smaller the overlap between the yellow and green bars, the better the value for money. This chart compares the AMD Ryzen 5 3400G with the most popular Processors over the last 30 days. The "Number of cores / threads" graph shows the number of cores (darker area). On this page, you'll find out which processor has better performance in benchmarks, games and other useful information. 6 x 3.6GHz vs 4 x 3.7GHz AMD Ryzen 5 3400G Review. AMD Ryzen™ 5 3400G. Amd Ryzen 5 3400G APU. We compared two 4-core desktop CPUs: the 3.7 GHz AMD Ryzen 5 3400G against the 3.6 GHz Ryzen 3 3200G. AMD Ryzen 5 3400G vs AMD Ryzen 3 4300G Comparison of the technical characteristics between the processors, with the AMD Ryzen 5 3400G on one side and the AMD Ryzen 3 4300G on the other side. As part of the big Zen 2 Ryzen processor launch, AMD released two Ryzen 3000 parts that include a graphics component.The new Ryzen 3 3200G and Ryzen 5 3400G … amd ryzen 5 3400g w/vega 11,4core/threads 3.7/4.2ghz 65w am4 cpu Discover the key facts and see how AMD Ryzen 5 3400G performs in the CPU ranking. Note: Commissions may be earned from the link above. The support for the various AMD processor generations is astounding. With a massive thanks to the AMD Ryzen Master which makes overclocking much more accessible and easier to understand than the traditional method of BIOS adjustments, we found that our ceiling was 4250MHz in all of our tests but that it would fail within PC Mark 10. I build an configuration with ryzen 5 3400G and Asus Prime B450m Gaming-BR motherboard, i tried everything to fix this problem, but no one worked. AMD Ryzen 5 3400G Processor Overview:Specification: ︎ CPU Cores: 4 ︎ Threads: 8 ︎ GPU Cores: 11 ︎ Base Clock: 3.7GHz ︎ Max Boost Clock: 4.2GHz ︎ Total L1 Cache: 384KB ︎ Total L2 Cache: 2MB ︎ Total L3 Cache: 4MB ︎ Unlocked: Yes ︎ CMOS: 12nm FinFET ︎ Package: AM4 ︎ PCI Express® Version: PCIe 3.0 x8 ︎ AMD Ryzen 5 3400G AMD Radeon Vega 11 Graphics @ 1.40 GHz: 1971 (100%) Intel Core i5-10500 Intel UHD Graphics 630 @ 1.20 GHz: 461 (23%) Blender 2.81 (bmw27) Blender is a free 3D graphics software for rendering (creating) 3D bodies, which can also be textured and animated in the software. The Ryzen 5 3400G's $50 premium over the $99 Ryzen 3 3200G also gets you slightly higher clock speeds. Shown number of Frames Per Second is the maximal possible you can get with this CPU, but you need to build PC without bottleneck. 45.95% faster CPU speed? This list was acquired from an actual AMD Ryzen 5 3400G processor with the help of the x86 CPUID instruction. Frames per second can vary because of differences in hardware and software enviroments. Check Out How Good Will AMD Ryzen 5 3400G Run Games . AMD Ryzen 5 3400G vs. AMD FX-6350 - Benchmark, Geekbench 5, Cinebench R20, Cinebench R23, Cinebench R15 and FP32 iGPU (GFLOPS) benchmark results To that end, we are taking a look at the AMD Ryzen 5 3400G. GIGABYTE GA B450M AORUS ELITE + AMD Ryzen 5 3400G CORSAIR VENGEANCE RGB PRO LED 3200MHZ CL16 ( 8GBx2pcs ) CRUCIAL P1 SERIES 500GB NVMe M.2" SSD CM MWE 550W 80+ GOLD PSU CORSAIR 280X WHITE RGB T-GLASS Thanks in advance . In this processor, It stands with 3.7GHz Base Clock, 4.2GHz Max Boost Clock, 2MB L2 Cache, 4MB L3 Cache with AM4 Package and TSMC 7nm FinFET CMOS. Čip poskytne 4 jadrá a slušný výkon pre chod programov vydá frekvencia 3,7 GHz. Despite how it’s named, this CPU is not part of AMD’s Ryzen 3000 series and shares nothing with the 3000 series aside from its model number. All third-gen Ryzen entries with "PBO" indicate an auto-overclocked configuration with DDR4-3600 memory, while the Ryzen 5 3400G has an 4.2 GHz all … The graphs below compare the most important characteristics of the AMD Ryzen 5 3500X and AMD 3400G processors. On the CPU-side you have a 4-core, 8-thread part that has a … Companies: #amd… Procesor AMD RYZEN 5 3400G Ryzen 3000 je správnou voľbou do bežných domácich či kancelárskych PC s výhodným pomerom dostupnosti a výkonu. Home > Shop > Amd Ryzen 5 3400G APU. The first is dedicated to the desktop sector, It has 4 cores, 8 threads, a maximum frequency of 4.2GHz. Reply. Vega11 based desktop APUs from AMD are here, in this review we take the Ryzen 5 3400G for a spin. Richard Devine. Another best motherboard for Amd Ryzen 5 3400g is Asus TUF Gaming x570-plus. Amd Ryzen 5 3400G APU The power regulation is insane in this model. The Ryzen 5 3400G, on the other hand, was much more amenable, reaching an all-core overclock of 4.1GHz, and it was happy for us to push the GPU … AMD Ryzen 5 3400G Intel equivalent Intel equivalent of the AMD Ryzen 5 3400G processor in the various benchmark platforms. Even AMD's six-core processors run relatively cheap nowadays. AMD Ryzen 5 3400G Ryzen 5 3400G - desktop processor produced by AMD for socket AM4 that has 4 cores and 8 threads. It supports the first three generations of AMD processors, along with the first two generations of Radeon Vega graphic processors. AMD Ryzen 5 3400G review: A perfect place to start in PC gaming AMD's flagship APU is an incredible little thing, proving you don't need a graphics card to game. This page contains references to products from one or more of our advertisers. Save Share. Components that offer the best value for money have great performance (yellow) and a low price (green). The Ryzen 5 3400G's $50 premium over the $99 Ryzen 3 3200G also gets you slightly higher clock speeds. AMD Ryzen 5 3400G ⭐ review. AMD Ryzen™ 5 3400G quantity +-Add to cart BUY NOW. I try to update my Bios, drivers, the windows is in the latest version. Written by Antony Leather September 19, 2019 | 12:20. Upgrade Solutions Downgrade Solutions AMD Ryzen 5 3400G Awesome performance, affordable price Four cores with eight threads creates plenty of power to encode a good looking stream … TUF Gaming VG27VQ Curved Gaming Monitor – 27 inch Full HD (1920×1080), 165Hz (above 144Hz) 5,299 EGP. It is in fact, a 2 nd generation Ryzen CPU combined with RX Vega 11 integrated graphics. 1080p ; 1440p ; 2160p/4K Add to cart. Based on 43,511 user benchmarks for the AMD Ryzen 5 3400G and the Intel Core i5-10600, we rank them both on effective speed and value for money against the best 1,276 CPUs. AMD Ryzen 5 3400G Processor with Radeon RX Vega 11 Graphics The AMD Ryzen 5 3400G Processor is built in intelligence featuring 4 processor cores, 8 threads, and an astonishingly efficient 45-65W TDP. C. These features, as well as an IPC (instructions per cycle) number, determine how well a CPU performs. Amd Ryzen 5 3400G APU quantity. Next Product. Results can vary in comparison to reality. The Ryzen 5 3400G runs at a base clock of 3.7GHz, versus 3.6GHz for the Ryzen 3 3200G. resolution. 2,700 EGP 2,499 EGP. The AMD Ryzen 5 3400G is a quad-core processor, which may seem a little low in an age of 10, 12, and 16-core chips. Detailed characteristics of processor's internals, including x86 instruction set extensions and individual instructions, high- and low-level technologies, are listed below. AMD Ryzen 5 3400G Processor is the right choice if you are having a very tight budget and still needs to play games in HD Quality. Limited Time Sale Easy Return. The Ryzen 5 3400G runs at a base clock of 3.7GHz, versus 3.6GHz for the Ryzen 3 3200G. The Ryzen 5 3400G comes with four cores and eight threads for $149, while stepping back to the four-core Ryzen 3 3200G trades simultaneous multithreading (SMT) and … AMD Ryzen™ 5 3600XT 4,499 EGP. Why is AMD Ryzen 5 1600X better than AMD Ryzen 5 3400G? Cheap CPUs, Buy Quality Computer & Office Directly from China Suppliers:AMD Ryzen 5 3400G R5 3400G 3.7 GHz Quad Core Eight Thread 65W CPU Processor YD3400C5M4MFH Socket AM4 Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! With the Ryzen 5 3400G AMD has put together an all-in-one solution for your CPU and GPU at a very low cost. AMD Ryzen 5 3400G (Clock speed at 100%) with AMD Radeon RX 5500 XT (Clock speed at 100%) x1 will produce only 0.33% of CPU bottleneck on 2160p/4K. Previous Product. The base clock frequency of the CPU is 3700 MHz, but due to Turbo Core technology, it can perform up to 4200 MHz. We may receive compensation when you click on links to those products. V záťaži sa automaticky pretaktuje na … Tags: #12nm #3rd-gen-ryzen #apu #quad-core #radeon-rx-vega #rx-vega-11 #x570.

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