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It expresses concerns about the change of course in US policy, particularly with regard to trade and the JCPOA, and advocates enhanced transatlantic cooperation in several areas, including conflict resolution, energy, migration and human rights. Orgalim is a member of the Expert Group on EU Trade Agreements. This group was set up in 2017 as a new forum for civil society organisations to advise on the Commission's trade policy. Parliament has closely monitored developments in EU-US trade relations. While the establishment of a working group on EU-US trade relations shows the commitment of both parties’ to a thorough reflection process on the possibility of an FTA, obstacles the state of EU-US relations. EU-US economic relations Until 2017, EU-US trade relations were dominated by the negotiation of a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). Whether on trade, counter-terrorism cooperation or Iran, fostering EU-US cooperation is a never-ending exercise in patience, diplomacy and bureaucratic acrobatics. 1st place - the EU and the US are each other's biggest exports partners; 30% - of world trade; 296 to 616 billion euro - value of EU-US goods trade between 2009 and 2019 616 billion euro is 3.5 times EU's 2019 annual budget; EU-US trade. Trade Disputes. Yet, however challenging and tense the EU-US relationship has become, the relationship has persevered and in many cases prospered. The EU and U.S. account for almost 30 percent of global merchandise trade, close to 40 percent of world trade in services, and about half of global GDP. Yet as trade grew, so did the number of disputes, with tariffs and market access emerging as the main contentions in U.S.-EU economic relations since the 1960s. Once unleashed, the EU-US trade war may slip into a spiral of reciprocal tariffs, as evidenced by the latest developments in the Boeing-Airbus affair. On the 30 th January, the European Commission has published a progress report on the state of play of the EU-US relations. The future of EU-US trade relations after the US election. In the run up to one of the most consequential elections in the US history and amidst convoluted relationships of the world forces, we look at the EU’s position in the domain of international trade. The U.S. goods trade deficit with the EU 27 was $184.3 billion in 2019, a 5.8 percent increase ($10.1 billion) over 2018. The economic crisis that continues to affect both the American and European economies has contributed to the re-launch of the debate on the negotiation of a transatlantic free trade agreement (FTA). Investment Supports 8 million people - this is almost the population of New York city or Austria The EU and the U.S. are each other’s main trading partners in goods and services and account for the largest bilateral trade relationship in the world. The United States has a services trade surplus of an estimated $54.4 billion with the EU 27 in 2019, down 4.5 percent from 2018. Inevitably for two economies of such size with such a high volume of trade, the EU and the US encounter a number of trade disputes which are handled through the dispute settlement mechanism of the WTO. Participation of Orgalim in this close group will allow CECE to receive information on the state of affairs of the current negotiation. Is the damage incurred by the Trump administration's actions to EU-US trade relations irreparable? Trade Balance. Although they tend to grab headlines, disputes currently only impact some 2% of EU-US trade. Source: European Commission In comparison to its predecessors, the Trump administration has taken a fundamentally different approach to EU-US trade relations. On 7 February Commissioner Malmström will be taking part in a meeting of the Expert Group on EU Trade Agreements that will have EU-U.S. relations on the agenda. EU-US trade.

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